Speke Munyonyo Resort is one of the best hotels in Uganda. The hotel is among the few 5 star hotels in Kampala, Uganda offering the ultimate in luxury accommodation, conference facilities, business meetings and leisure. Situated in an idyllic setting in Munyonyo 30 minutes away from Kampala City- the capital City of Uganda, and by the Lake Victoria, the hotel offers an Olympic size swimming pool, equestrian centre, 5-star restaurants, gymnasium and other hotel sport activities.

The lush vegetation and the magnificent views of the Lake Victoria right in front of the resort, is an absolutely awesome sight. Tourists activities around the resort include mountain climbing, bird watching, game drives, cycling, nature walks amongst others.


At the 5th COECSA Conference, the delegates will be met by the warm smiles of well-trained hotel personnel, delicious food from international selection and best recreation sites in the region will add up to the adventurous moment one gets on attending conferences at Speke Munyonyo Resort.  The Hotel has hosted many national and international political, social and scientific conferences making it the best place to hold the 2017 COECSA Conference. 


Speke Munyonyo Resort

Wavamunno road

kampala, Uganda